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how much of human life is lost by waiting ..?
.. as it turns out, most of your life.When are you going to start living?Occupy your mind.The Revolution begins within.

how much of human life is lost by waiting ..?



.. as it turns out,
most of your life.
When are you going to start living?
Occupy your mind.
The Revolution begins within.

How to safely observe the Venus Transit ~ DIY

No one reading this will still be alive the next time Venus crosses the sun in 2117. That makes today special. On June 5th at 3:09 pm PDT, the second planet begins its historic 7-hour transit of the solar disk. Below follows instructions on how to observe the Venus passage safely (:

If you’re thinking of viewing the Sun, your first concern should always be eye safety. Serious eye damage can result from even a brief glimpse of our star — Galileo looked at the Sun through a telescope 400 years ago and suffered permanent eye damage. If it happened to Galileo, it can happen to you!

One safe way to observe sunspots or eclipses is to project an image of the Sun through a telescope or binoculars onto a white screen — paper plates, walls and sidewalks all work nicely. If you’re using a telescope, be sure that any small finder telescope is capped. If you’re using binoculars, keep the cover on one of the two tubes. Never look through a telescope or binoculars to point them at the Sun — partial or total blindness will almost surely result.

On the screen you should see a bright circle of light. This is the disc of the Sun. Adjust the distance between the screen and the telescope until the disk is about the size of a small paper plate. The image will probably be blurred; focus your telescope until the circle becomes sharp. Using this method you can see considerable detail in and around sunspot groups.

Tom Hanson of Murray, Utah, suggests this variation on the binocular projection technique: darken the room and add a mirror. “When I look at sunspots I use binoculars, but instead of putting a piece of paper under the binoculars, I put a mirror under it and project the image on a wall,” says Tom. “The image of the sun is not as bright, but the diameter of the sun’s image is about 6 feet depending on the distance from the mirror to the wall.”

He continues: “I also close the blinds in my house except for an opening for the binoculars to pick up light. This way the darkened room allows for much more detail to show. The smaller spots and minor details can also be seen with excellent detail.”

Pinhole projectors and certain types of solar filters can also afford a safe view of the Sun. Pinhole projectors usually produce a small and unsatisfying image, but they are better than nothing if you don’t have a telescope or binoculars.


How I love street art (:
[click the image for proper display]
And then click this link to watch the movie “They Live” (:
.. your welcome (;

How I love street art (:

[click the image for proper display]

And then click this link to watch the movie “They Live” (:

.. your welcome (;

Have you seen a Big Mac or a Whopper 12 years after it was produced ..? Yeah you should check that out. Karma is such a bitch ..

Ahh the agony!

I found this picture up on the interwebs and how true its message is, my god I felt so old all of a sudden - where did all the years go?!! I still vividly remember the 80’s and its hard to wrap my head around the fact that its over 20 years ago since I walked round the city thinking I was the bomb with this sweet brick-thing in my hand. The walkman (for cassettes).

In the age of technology where most of you kids grew up with CD’s, MP3’s, iPods, iPads and other magnificent digital gadgets - few of you will ever understand the link between this cassette and the pencil. You see, when I grew up you were LUCKY to have your own walkman - you were the shit and you felt ever so cool walking down the street with this huge plastic thing in your hands or strapped into your belt while jogging.

And the pencil .. The pencil was a MUST accessory.
Never (and I do mean never!) leave the house without it!

Let’s see how many of you understands the link between the tape and the pencil, reblog or like if you do (: